NovoPulse approach to treatment of osteoarthritis represents the second generation of PEMF technology. The MKX-1 is a state-of-the-art device for low back pain management. It advantageously combines the latest PEMF research with the newest insights in the application of thermal stimulation for treating osteoarthritis. MKX-1 is a non-invasive, battery-operated, computer-controlled device. It maximizes the therapeutic effect on low back pain by delivering specifically designed pulsed magnetic field into vertebral disks and facet joints cartilages.

The pulsed magnetic field induces an electric field in the treatment zone with optimal magnitude, distribution and direction. MKX-1 also converts the pulsed magnetic energy into heat for computer-controlled thermal stimulation of the treatment zone. The thermal stimulation of cartilage boosts production of heat shock protein HSP70 which causes multifold increase in cartilage metabolism and accelerates the healing process. Additionally, it relieves pain.

A 30-minute at home daily therapy session offers a comfortable experience with a single push button.